Monday, February 2, 2009

monday postscript

Question: Getting out of bed in the morning and stepping on chook poo with bare feet before you are even fully awake is an indication that:

a) you accidentally fell asleep in the chook house
b) your beloved left the back door open again yesterday while hanging out the washing and that bastard red chook Charlotte got lost on her way to the cat bowl
c) that bastard red chook Charlotte was just checking out the rest of the house on the way to or back from the cat bowl
c) Charlotte is a bastard red chook
d) my feathered friends are taking over my life and making a move on the house
e) Charlotte is a bastard
f) we are bad bad parents with no boundaries
g) its probably time to get the carpet cleaned again
g) all of the above


sherd said...


Jacqui said...

Hee hee...I'm chuckling to myself reading this as it confirms what my friends (non-chook owners) have been saying is likely to happen over time...that the girls will move into the house and we will end up in theirs! Naughty chickens! (all of you!!)

PS guess what the word verification is? Bummies!! how apt!

Killi said...


The Duck Herder said...

hee hee, bummie nuts for sure! happy to cheer you up anytime with my sad chicken filled existance Jacqui!