Thursday, February 5, 2009

grown up heat wave

the nice thing about being a grown up in a heat wave is that you can have ice cream and pink sprinkles for dinner, wash it down with an icy cold alcoholic ginger beer followed by another (bowl of ice cream AND beer that is).

green hippy dilemma #1: Is the carbon footprint of a daily ice cream and cold beer allowance in an otherwise relatively frugal existence smaller or larger than the carbon footprint of getting a split system air conditioner installed for the 4 weeks of the year it is cranky hot given that really it would only get used on about 8 afternoons a year??????

Answer: the more beer you drink on a summer evening, the less likely you are to be organised enough to phone the aircon guy until the heat wave is over and the thought is gone for another 48 weeks - problem and dilemma solved. amen.

bring on the beer, oh, I mean cool change. *hick**


Jacqui said...

Phoning the beer ambulance over the air con guy wins every time! Dinner last night (M. was out) was chocolate, followed by mango gelato. Mmmm.

We put a ceiling fan in our bedroom on advice from a friend when we moved in. We only use it a few times a year, but I have been grateful to her ever since!

Katie said...

I vote beer.