Sunday, February 1, 2009

I love blackberries

One nice thing about all this hot hot hot weather - the blackberries are coming along nicely. My picking rate has increased to 2kg / hour as more and more berries ripen.

The love affair with blackberry jam continues. Call them a weed. Love 'em or hate em. But I LOVE 'em. Today I made almost 2 liters of jam using a new recipe. Easy peasy not too sweet chunky cooked in a few minutes and processed in the vacola.

Blackberry Jam


1600gm blackberries

24 grams citrus pectin**

800 gm sugar*


Wash and sort blackberries.

Place in large saucepan. Mush up a little with wooden spoon.

Add pectin

Bring quickly to boil.

Add sugar, bring to boil again and hard boil for 1 minute while stiring

Pour into clean jars

Seal and process in vacola. ( I process EVERYTHING in the vacola for one hour starting with cold water)

But I am out of jam jars and there are still so many more blackberries out there.......
*basically half the weight of whatever fruit you have.
**Pectin quantities as per instructions on packet (in this case, 8gm for every 500 gm fruit)


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The Duck Herder said...

oooh - attention! I love it. Thanks Ian.

I would love to send you a little blurb and my favorite farmblog sites, although I have to warn you my farm is on the inside rather than expansive acreage.... not that urban food production isnt vitally important!

thanks Ian.

the duck herder