Monday, June 2, 2008

tea cosy #2

tea anyone?


Eilleen said...

ooh I like this one too!

Killi said...

I love your tea cosies & you're a sensible Duck. When I taught myself to crochet, I used Tunisian crochet first & I'm still working on my first major ordinary crochet project ~ a full length, full, hooded cloak! I altered the pattern to make it full length & full & it's been ongoing for 3 years. I WILL get it done. Have you found

It's American, so they won't ship outside the US, but they have free patterns or downloadable patterns ~ click on the pattern finder link on the site & you can specify knit, crochet or craft, or browse all 3. Just an idea. & they have instructions ~ useful as American & English stitch names don't coincide.

(Me want this cosy!)

Lucy C said...

Very clever Duck!

The Duck Herder said...

thanks folks! I am pretty chuffed with how they are going.