Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Chicken Olympics

Happy weekend here in ONC. Its the Chicken Olympics. (and Ducks and Geese and Turkeys and Guinea Fowl). In case you haven't heard, its the National Royal Poultry Show, or is it the Royal National...... anyhoo, it happens but once every four years. THOUSANDS of birds. Folks traveling from all over Australia. The photos of the Australian Game Birds are for Mr Duck Herder - where ever you are in Kansas Toto! And the little Barbu d'Anvers roo is for me!
I got to meet some other Silkie Club folks at a meeting. That was really lovely. I also caught up with lovely Lucy - the lady I bought Maurice from originally. I was looking for a new white silkie rooster to replace poor old Maurice. I made some good contacts, but didn't manage to find a new boy yet.


Rhonda Jean said...

oh wow! a chook show. I would walk ten country miles to see a good chook show. The malay games at the top are weird looking customers. Are you thinking of branching out from your silkies?

I love your tea cosies too. I send warm hugs. :- )

The Duck Herder said...

Oh Rhonda - it was amazing! you would have loved all those rare breeds all lined up - rows and rows of them!

My beloved likes those silly big game birds - so I posted the photos for him to see while he is in the US.
As for branching out - I did fall in love with the little fat indian game birds....... I wonder if there is room.....

your tea cosy swamp inspired me to pull my finger out and learn to crochet - so I am ready for next time!

warm hugs to you too

the duckie

Killi said...

Beware the Game Birds! My hen-lady looked after some for the local travelling Gypsies & incubated the eggs that the hen laid. In the end she sent word that they should return & collect ALL the Game Birds as even the hen chicks were fighting her other birds & doing damage to her well-behaved quiet babies.

I'm still in need of Silky replacements as well