Friday, June 20, 2008

Mr Duck Herder

The Lawrence Kansas paper saw fit to put a photo of Mr Duck Herder in their local paper.

And because I am feeling sooky and missing my little rooster, here is a photo of me sobbing at the airport, just before he flew off to Hawaii.


Eilleen said...

oh what a great pic!

And awww to you. Just remember that each day is a day closer to him being home again. :)

Killi said...

Pretty Duckie.

I've added you to my new art blog ~ I hope you don't mind. I got so fed up with blogger refusing to give me back my edit & image buttons that I started a new mainly arty-crafty blog at Wordpress.

He'll be home before you know it, at least when you look back, even if the time drags for now.
I'm only missing my ursa minor who took a "niceny" (a meaty treat saved for her from the dog food) & ran off to eat it away from the other dogs & the cats. I won't settle until she comes home. Ursa major is home & asleep on bem's double bed!

rhonda jean said...

awww, it's a great photo. Take care of you while your love is away.

Lucy C said...

Is he riding a bike bare foot?
A true iron man.

The Duck Herder said...

hee hee
thanks folks!

nah lucy c - he isnt THAT tough! the photo was taken just after the swim/bike transition - he has just jumped on his bike - his shoes are already clipped onto his pedals, and he feet are on top, waiting untill he gets going enough to slide them in

thanks for all the warm fuzzies!