Wednesday, June 4, 2008

that marvelous machine

Well, sitting here, preparing (mentally) to get stuck into some work. Looking out over the bikes into the garden. Watching chickens zoom around the lawn. Listening to the bread maker busily kneading the dough.

I really like that bread maker - it REALLY gets into the whole kneading thing.

Things of (little) note:
  • I bought a new sack of chook feed. $27:50 for 30kg. Not cheap. And the ducks HATE it. Its one they have had before. But they are on a hunger strike. And not a very quiet one.
  • Camilla the secret chicken is getting more and more tame. She doesn't run crazily away any more. She runs crazily toward me. Still crazy in a leghorn kinda way. Just not quite so crazy scared.
  • Looks like Miss Nefley is finally over her cluckiness. What a persistent little chook. 8 weeks she kept it up for.
  • My reward for getting some reports written today will be free reign to plant out my new Cambridge Rival strawberry runners. They are sulking in the fridge waiting for me to find some time to get them out. Maybe today? Maybe they will have to wait until Friday.
  • Poppet went to the local vet today for her shots. She has lost 200gms! (over 12 months). She is a little fatty. But Ivan the wonder vet says she is a healthy little fatty. She is having a sleep to recover from the indignity.

Looking forward to fresh bread for lunch.

that is all.


Muppi bare said...

Poppet may be fat but I love her. Oh, and I love you too.

justine.fitzgerald said...

Poppet is merely well rounded. I love her too, and you, and the blog! Jx

The Duck Herder said...

Hello my darlings! welcome to my little blog Juzzy!

And hello there my beloved. I am up at 5.00am because that lovable little Poppet woke me up demanding food.


Killi said...

Is Poppet a dog or a cat? 5 o'clock for food? My dogs try 1 o'clock, 3 o'clock, 5 o'clock (they get fed at 7am ish & again in the evening). 1 of the Spaniels has taken to fuffing when she wants to get on the bed & insists that I switch the light on for her, but she also fuffs (her version of woof) when she or 1 of the quieter dogs need to go outside during the night, so she has her uses. Annon's Lurcher, Arawn, also woofs to come INTO my bed & he requires the light, too. Stockings just jumps on everything in his path & Tara tries her best, but she's still a clumsy bear of a puppy & is enormous. Thankfully, Tara rarely sleeps with me when I have the other 6 on my bed! (2 greyhound lurcher boys, 1 whippet lurcher girly, 2 Spaniels & a Bedlington who is my little bear, Tara being my great bear).

The Spaniels eat as much as the boys & still go hunting for shoshi & peasants (rabbits & pheasants). Mindy is a black hole where food is concerned & Pireni eats very little when being watchedsfqehh