Saturday, May 31, 2008

is it wrong to love a tea cosy?

I think I am getting better at that crocheting thing. I found a nice lady who sells crochet patterns on ETSY, and can you believe it? Here is my first attempt, although I think I did the wrong stitch, but it turned out OK anyway.

My bestest discovery has been a wool needle for sewing in the ends. Much neater and stronger. I have used 12 ply instead of 8 ply wool - which makes a much thicker and warmer cosy.


In other news, here are my new wolfberries. There are two varieties - a Chinese one and a Tibetan one - and much frou frou about which variety has the most antioxidants - so I got both.

Well, I got two of each, but the lovely folks from Beautanicals sent me THREE of each, so I am especially happy. They are looking a little droopy from being transplanted, but apparently this is normal and a certain amount of sulkiness can be expected after such a shock.

More berries. Can you have too many varieties of berries in a garden? I think not.

roll call to date is:

  • Black Shatoot Mulberry

  • White Shatoot Mulberry

  • Youngberry

  • Raspberry

  • Kiwiberry (well, I reckon they are like a berry)

oh - I forgot STRAWBERRIES!


Eilleen said...

Oooh you're going to have such a fantastic berry garden! Can't wait to see your results. BTW, I've taken some pics of my garden in the new house. Nowhere near as good as yours -we're only planting native grasses though we do have a few other little things in there. Will post it in my blog tonight.

Oh and that tea cosy is FANTASTIC!! You've done amazingly well for your first attempt.

The Duck Herder said...

Thanks Eilleen! When I said it was my first attempt, I mean at making something other than a rug or shawl. I am pretty chuffed with how it worked out!

remember to leave room for your veggie garden and orchard!

Lucky-1 said...

This evening I knitted up 1 side of a tea cosy for my craft stall... came on the computer to relax and read the blogs I love to visit........and here you are making tea cosies......very clever Duckie...they look FAB TAB:D

The Duck Herder said...

HI there Lucky 1- it is a whole new world of creativity! Will you post a photo of your tea cosys when you are finished?

Lucky-1 said...

You bet I will:D