Monday, June 2, 2008

Gibraltar Rock

Yesterday I drove up into the Tidbinbilla National Park and jogged/climbed up to the top of Gibraltar Rock. It was very STEEP! But well worth the sore legs today. The good thing about running (or jogging as the case may be) is that you warm up very quickly! There I was zipping along in runners, 3/4 leggings and a tee-shirt (everything else was in my little backpack) while everyone else was rugged up in beanies, hiking boots, polar fleece and down parkas!

At the top I stopped and had a new season fuji apple and a home made muffin, took in the view and jogged back down again. Its a great view. .

The bush is still scared from the 2003 fires. Despite the drought, there is a little regrowth through all the burnt sticks.

All in all - a very pleasant way to spend a mupster free afternoon!


Eilleen said...

Whoa! You RAN up to the top of Gibraltar Rock! You must be one very fit Ducky! Oh man, just the thought of it makes my knees ache.

What a fantastic view huh. And yep, its amazing how much those fires have really affected the ONC. 5 years later and there are still signs.

The Duck Herder said...

oops - not ALL the way! I had to walk the really steep sections - which is quite a bit of it really, and don't worry - I ache today - quite a lot!

back to the flats for me.

hey I just checked out that jackie french site - she has updated her website - and has some fabulous photos that are sure to inspire you Eilleen!