Sunday, July 15, 2007

yay for Shirley

In breaking news this morning, Shirley the sourdough starter has made a valiant attempt at becoming a loaf of organic whole meal spelt sourdough bread. Yup, a vast improvement on her predecessor Julie, Shirley made a somewhat dense, nicely flavored log.

Mmmmmmhmmmm! Warm with butter and honey last night, toasted with butter and honey this morning.

There is still a little bit of Shirley in the fridge, ready for next time. Lets see if we can get a little bit more height then eh?


Scarecrow said...

Oooo Yummy!
I thought it would be too cold right now for soughdough to get growing but seeing yours has made me think perhaps not.
Maybe I'll have time this week to get some up and happening after all!

We went to our 'local' producer's market today (not as close as yours is) and got some organic lamb sausages! Great to be able to buy some decent produce isn't it!

Rhonda Jean said...

Yay for Shirley! Home baked bread is THE best. You've capitalised on your investment with the butter and honey. mmmmmmmmm

I have a rye sourdough starter that I hope to make up tomorrow. I'm helping it along with a spot of sun on the verandah.