Sunday, July 29, 2007

Stupid Chicken Update

Well, Winter is obviously a time for contemplation and chickens. Not much is growing in the duckherder gardens, and my thoughts are preoccupied with my silly chooks. Nefley is sitting on 8 fertile eggs. I candled them two nights ago, and two were blank. This was to be expected as these had been laid on the 7th July, and were already 3 weeks old when I put them in the nest. The others however, were all little “spiders in the web”.

“Maurice” as he is now called, is still struggling with the ladder. He can get up there with coaching, but left to his own devises, still camps on the ground rather than following his lady friends up to bed. Here he is, practicing! I am hoping that if I keep putting him on the bottom of the ladder, his feet will remember how to get to bed, even if his little brain does not.

This photo is of Nefley and Maurice in their respective nests, with Jenni's perch in the background – she is the only one chicken enough to perch at night, the others - too many poodle genes methinks.


Rhonda Jean said...

Poor old Maurice. Could the rungs of the ladder hold a grain of corn or wheat? He might follow a grain trail up the ladder and teach himself how to scale great heights at the same time. Don't you just love chooks. : )

Rhonda Jean said...

and I forgot to add before, you might find that diamateous earth would get rid of the lice. It's completely natural.

The Duck Herder said...

Hi Rhonda! Very exciting news! Maurice put himself to bed tonight! I got home quite late, and when I went up to check - there he was, all shnuggled up with his lady friends. Mr Duck Herder assures me he did this completely unassisted!

Re the diamateous earth - hopefully we wont need it - I checked last weekend, and there were no more lice on him that I could see, I will check once more this weekend, and fingers crossed, it is all sorted. clever silly chicken :o)

Sherd said...

Maurice works out nicely, as I am thinking of naming my new fish William Wallace. Or Dude. Not sure yet.