Sunday, July 1, 2007

world sourdough expedition

In breaking news, Rhonda from Down to Earth blogging fame has invited like minded folks on a world sourdough making adventure, and well, you can count me in!

Here is my sourdough starter, and here is Rhonda’s link to destructions for making sourdough. . Please note my lovely leopard skin tea cozy in the background. (Now that’s form AND fundtion!)

FYI, I am using organic whole meal spelt flour, rainwater and an old Polski Ogorki jar. Will keep you posted!

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mangoman said...

I read a book once on the early days of white settlement in Alaska. Must have been a Michener book I think. Talked about sourdough bread. Miners and carried the starter with them and took considerable care to maintain it. Sounded great.

When we went to Alaska a couple of years ago I was keen to see if it was still eaten and it is. In fact it is the only bread that we found that was good to eat.

I have been meaning to have a go at making some. I will have a look at the starter recipe and see if I can get things moving.