Wednesday, July 4, 2007

more hoochy!

Well, the Norwegian Warrior Princess was very happy to take possession of Juliet today and this evening I hived off another half of Julie to make Julian for the Biggest Hippy.

I am a little concerned that I have waited too long to put them in the fridge, and that this should have happened on Tuesday morning when Julie was at her frothiest, but anyhoo, all three smell sweet/sour/beery, have been fed every 24 hours and are regularly having their hooch layers poured off, so something is happening - just not sure what.

The Biggest Hippy has already made his own sourdough starter, but has promised to fire up the wood oven over the weekend and make a loaf out of each, for a bit of a compare and contrast of our respective herds of wild yeasts!


Sherd said...

Ha! Trust the Biggest Hippy to already have one! Tell him I said he's a hippy!

*feels nostalgic*
*remembers winter*
*has a cup of tea*
*feels ok again*

Where to go after Julian? Juliana I suppose.

The Duck Herder said...

OK - I am sure it will be news to him!

and as always, for such a little one with such a big bonce, you are quite right! Juliana seems the most obvious next step!

I wish I could have a cup of tea with you right now!