Tuesday, July 3, 2007

hoochy mama

Well, Julie (yes, the sourdough starter has a name) is going gangbusters! She was started on Sunday night, fed on Monday night and by Tuesday morning was frothy and bubbly and beery. This evening it looked like Julie might be feeling a bit deflated….(oh my poor hothouse flowered child) but realized she might be growing so fast that she ran out of food during the day. I then noticed she had a layer of HOOCH.

So, I did three things. I stirred the hooch back into Julie (as per S. John Ross’ destructions), poured half of her into another Jar (Juliet) to give to the Norwegian Warrior Princess, and finally, fed them both.

Hopefully Julie (and Juliet) will be back to her frothy self by morning, and I can pop her in the fridge.

I am thinking that the whole harvesting of wild yeasts thing was made a little easier by the fresh batch of Bokashi funking up the house while it was drying in front of the heater and that this might explain the accelerated starter process….? Who can tell?

WIll keep you posted


sherd said...

I hear that the important thing with hooch is not to panic. So I hope you didn't panic!

Yay Norwegian Warrior Princess too!

ps Juliet. You are a dag of monstrous proportions.

The Duck Herder said...

hee hee
I love you sherd!

mangoman said...

I am just a smidgin worried about this heat thing. John Ross says that heat is a major problem. I only just keep my home brew below 34 degrees.

I will give it a go and see what happens. If it it gets too hot I will turn the beer fridge right up to make it warm and put it in there. Or perhaps put it in a container in my new creek and billabong arrangement around the house?

Sherd said...

You finally got the creek finished?? Looking forward to Christmas now!

(sorry for hijacking your blog comments, lovely)

The Duck Herder said...

hee hee - hijack away! I love the traffic!