Friday, July 29, 2011

Lacuna Sabbath

 OK, so I am not just being a sook, back me up fellow ONCians - it was COLD this morning. There was still frost on the ground at 11:00am.

This cold weather makes me crave sweeties! So I hauled out the magic bread maker and knocked out some lovely organic spelt dough to make date & cinnamon scrolls. Mr Duck and I managed to get through quite a few of these today.

Once the sun comes out a nice place to dilly dally is in the glass house. Here are some salad veggies (and some native grass babies for some reason) going along nicely.

I like the autopots because they are an Australian invention - they don't require a pump and the plants can grow in soil or perlite or a combination or whatever. I have had them for a few years now. The reservoir for water/nutrient is actually outside the glass house, on the chook house.

So cute. Widdle lettuces.

And on the other side of the glass house are these little babies - baby sparrow grass. These are a year old. I hoicked them outside in the frost for a few weeks to get them to die back, thinned them out and given half to Sue next door. But back in the glass house they just started shooting again strait away. I think I will let them stay in the broccoli box for another season and plant them out next winter next to my main Sparrow Grass plot down at the community garden. They will be two year old crowns then. Growing asparagus from seed is easy and cheap - you just need some time and a place to keep your broccoli box where you wont let it dry out. These are a french variety. From the Italian Gardener.

Oh, so the raised garden bet project is progressing. I have taken Mr BVVFs advise and am turning this second bed into a PROPER wicking bed. Hopefully.

Here in the top left hand corner is what I hope will be the overflow pipe. The plan is to direct the overflow into the raspberries and golden kiwi fruit, and of course, Sue's plum tree next door.


dixiebelle said...

Yes, it's been a couple of bloody cold mornings!

Valley View said...

Looks good, it's a good idea to mulch it really well with straw. I can get you straw($8) or lucerne ($9)which is cheaper then in Canberra - if you want some let me know and I'll drop it off one afternoon.

Grand Purl Baa said...

Hmmm, I'm gunna have vegie garden photos soon. I had my gardener build it for me for a present for The Bloke. Mind you, he doesn't garden as his other name is The Bubble Boy. But I do. I garden though not vegetables but never say never and yes you read right - I have a gardener. He comes for half a day once a months to do all the manly stuff like build proper vegie garden beds. Still pontificating over whether or not to put that unsightly white cloth over the top though. Will probably stop pontificating the moment the grasshoppers find the new vegie garden.