Friday, July 15, 2011

Coming along nicely

Today was so sunny and warm. Well, it was after a -5 morning. Anyhoo, it seemed sensible to ignore the phone and head on out to the farm back yard.

Things are progressing nicely with the raised garden bed project.

The chooks are making sure not a single worm is left in my beautiful soil by the time I am ready to put it into the beds.

And I just noticed how dirty those windows are on the greenhouse.......


Jane said...

That's a good sized garden bed. Our chooks just get so excited whenever we dig, they come running in search of worms and bugs. Funny thing is that they leave the big earthworms, like, eew, that's just too big! looking forward to seeing your finished project. Jane x

Valley View said...

Mrs D is this going to be a wicking bed - you should really try one, they work very well in our climate. Plus you can go awaty for a coupleo f days and you don't need to water your plants.


Greenie said...

Oh my gosh! I'm a ONC'er and I didn't even know they existed! Thank you Duck Herder and Dixiebelle - I suddenly feel part of a community ...
DH I love your raised bed - may have to consider that myself sometime soon cos kneeling just doesn't work for me somehow these days :( But I'll resist as long as I can. I just started my blog of building the food forest:
Thanks again for a great blog!
Greenie x

dixiebelle said...

We have 4 large wicking worm beds in our backyard, made from Birdies Raised Garden Beds, which were a lot of work to put together, but seem to do the trick, we just need some more sunshine here in Canberra!!

Hi there Greenie!

Lucky-1 said...

Photos looks great and that soil is looking sweet as:) I see you have a supervisor as well;)

The Duck Herder said...

hello people! Thank you for visiting and loving my new one of two garden beds! And hello there Jane and fellow ONCian GREENIE! how delightful.

And Dixiebelle - why these are birdies as well. And you are right - there are a bloody lot of little screwy things involved. And Mr BVVF - well, she said sheepishly, you have inspired me to make the SECOND one a wicking bed. The first is a SEMI wicking bed - I dug a trench down into the base before I put the plastic down, so there is a little channel running down the length which SHOULD have functioned as a reservoir except I blondely/grayly poured in shredded paper first instead of my big bag of perlite/, it is KINDA a wicking bed....but the next one will be much more intentional....except I think I was so tired after moving all the soil then moving it back that I may have tossed out the VERY EXPENSIVE HEAVY DUTY PLASTIC LINER i bought especially.......there was just enough left to do the second bed......$@#^#ing bollocks do you think I can find it now?

And hello there dearest Lucky-1 - you of all people would recognize a feathery forelady when you meet one!

love to you all

Valley View said...

Don't use plastic use geo tex - oh, too late, bugger. Sorry about the lack of warning prior to my visit, I will try harder next time - old habits you know. Have you thought of including fish in your garden - see this