Monday, July 25, 2011

Close rellies of HRH Queenie & the BEAST arrive on our shores

Swoon all of ye. Swoon all of ye and WEEP. (with JOY of course)

While Queenie will always be my first and only love, those amongst us who are not silly/obsessed/crazy enough to order their beautiful forever bikes unseen and un-tried directly from Workcycles in Amsterdam may wish to visit Emmi at Dutch Cargo Bikes (electronically or otherwise) to git yourselves something special. And Azor Oma.drool. drool drool.

Emmi is importing these NOW. For YOU. To LOVE FOREVER. 

I do feel quite strongly that if one is going to ride a  bike every day rain hail or shine, frost or sleet, one really really shouldn't be judged for going for FORM AND FUNCTION AND STURDY ELEGANT BEAUTY.

bthring bthring !!!!!


tea with lucy said...

ooooh nice. very swoon worthy. now, if i didn't live at the top of such a bloody steep hill...

The Duck Herder said...

indeed! you would have to go for the 8 speed internal hub Ms Lucy....but think what fun you would have going down!