Thursday, October 28, 2010

Things 'n stuff

Ok, so I know its like 3:00am. But what the hey. The nice thing about being a grown up is that it is completely acceptable to wake up at 3:00am, make a pot of tea and play on the internets. After all, when one works from home, one can have a nana nap in the afternoon if one needs.

Anyhoo, I know it is a weed, and not so good for ponies, but I love Patterson's Curse. I found a patch of the most luminous light blue & pink ones sprinkles in amongst the usual lovely purple and red ones. Nature is groovy like that.

And here is the first poppy of the season. hmmmmmm. poppies.

Remember those tomato, eggplant and capsicum seedlings I started a couple of months ago inside, under some lights? Well, it was their big day yesterday.

I am pretty happy with how they went. I took a gamble and planted them out into the green houses down at my plot on Monday.

Welcome the Tomato Mahal.

And the Eggplant Emporium.

And here is something special and delightful. Knitted by my mama. A new tea cosy. FOR ME!
. Now I know how awesome it is to be given a handmade tea cosy made with love. me like.


Von said...

I've seen this teacosy pattern before, my aunt used to knit it, isn't it great?!Something lovely about doing the 3am's when you're old enough!

Grand Purl Baa said...

Is that like old enough to eat whole a whole bucket of ice cream in one go and drink too many glasses of red wine. Oh that's right - that is "old enough to know better ...." I always get those two mixed up.

The Duck Herder said...

thanks Von. I wish I could knit. I love the pattern too.

And GPB - I wonder if I will ever be old enough to NOT eat the whole tub of Maggie Beers Burt Fig, Honeycomb and Caramel Ice cream in one, probably not.

Marla said...

Beautiful cosy! And the flower photos are magnificent.