Tuesday, October 19, 2010

more bike love

My fickle ministrations have moved onto a workcycles secret service. She is the sporty spice version of the Oma. How is this for a description: "A modern workhorse. A fast, tough and stealthy city bike for the long haul." How any bike that weights more than 20kg can be described as stealthy escapes me however I am smitten. Imagine a bike that is designed to last a whole life time even while living outside in the snow.

While there ARE a few city style bikes available in Australia, none of them have the amazingly practical and usefull components of the workcycles bikes. Note the skirt guard, fenders, full chain case, hub dynamo for the lights which are mounted on the fork so that a front rack can be mounted to the frame. They rock.

In other news, Selina suffered the indignity of having a last century plastic woollies basket strapped to her new old pink rack. She is super practical now. I needed more boot capacity to carry the veggies back from the community garden, not to mention the milk and papers.....and the other night when I rode up the hill to a friends house for dinner, the two bottles of wine in her front basket almost bounced out - YIKES.

Despite the snow on the weekend, spring is here and it is time to get out on ya bikes.

I am getting good at only using the car for work trips out of town. Although I need to pick up some star pickets for the tomato tunnels this weekend......might need the car for that too.

that is all.


Amsterdamize said...

What's not to love about Workcycles :). I ride a Fr8 and my girlfriend (moved from NYC to AMS recently) has a Secret Service. She loves it and she can't look any more Dutch on it ;).

Oh yes, compared to many standard issue Dutch bikes, the Secret Service is very nimble/agile. Not that it matters much to us, weight is no issue at all when you consider the main selling points: practicality (read: cargo, in human form or not) and durability.

You can't go wrong. That is all :).


The Duck Herder said...

yay! thanks so much Marc. The photos of your beloved AND her secret service are just lovely.

AND, very timely as I have ordered a secret service bike of my very own!