Saturday, October 2, 2010

Peak Hour in Copenhagen


jonesy said...

I wonder why the bike lifestyle never really transferred out of Europe, it makes so much sense for city living, especially where there is rail transport available. Even rural towns like mine don't embrace it, which is strange considering it is never more than a couple of Km's to anywhere and there are no hills to deal with.
Maybe SBS's coverage of bike races like Le Tour will have some effect for the better.

The Duck Herder said...

Hi Jonsey
I really don't know. For what its worth, from what I understand, there is a bit of a feedback loop between people riding more and demanding better bike infrastructure, and planners planning for bikes as well as cars. We obviously don't have that critical mass anywhere in Australia yet.....a little in Canberra but not much. I think also that bike culture has been taken over by zippy Lycra and uncomfortable leaning forward bikes plus gear freaks. And this hasnt helped the cycling cause much at all. Cycling is seen as something you do for its own sake, that you need special gear for rather than just something you do to get somewhere to do something else.

The thing about the BIG cities like Amsterdam and Copenhagen is that if the cyclists didnt cycle (ie they all got in their cars one day) the city would grind to a halt and no one would get anywhere. Stupid car drivers don't realize that every bike they pass is one less car contributing to grid lock. I reckon with the right infrastructure, bikes and cars can co-exist, but cranky drivers need to grow up and get real and freekin SHARE THE ROAD with love!

well, thats the world according to the duck today!