Monday, October 25, 2010

cycle chic in australia

I am still captured in the most delicious way by bicycle love. There are other lovely things happening - especially in the garden, but this is taking up lots of my head space. It could be linked to finally being happy here in the city and thinking muchly about how I make city living elegant and frugal and healthy and happy. Alternative transport - especially on ones deadly treadly is the way to go. I have sold my serious cyclo cross bike and am enjoying so much riding Selina up right in what ever I want to be wearing when I get there clothes. I feel liberated and free. I do not miss my lycra and my click on shoes that are unwearable off bike. This is all good because instead of a new car, I have a new bike (on order anyway). Mr Duck and I are determined to cope with just the one car and to go "car-lite" and far from being a drag its FUN and happy making.

Here is Mikael Colville-Anderson, founder of cycle chic, while he was in Australia last month. He says it better than me.

that is all for the moment.


Von said...

There's nothing quite so sad as lycra especially when you're not an addict.Way to go!!

Valley View said...

Good for you Mrs D - you might want to consider a trailer. I'd love to be bike only - but! it's not the 70km to work that would worry me, it's all the big sand trucks swerving up the highway.

The Duck Herder said...

heehee thanks folks. Mr BVVF, it is a little tricky for you to organize the trundle down the highway plus carrying home piggy food on a bike! But I reckon for us city folks, there really isn't a nicer way to travel.