Friday, February 26, 2010

Lacuna Sabbath

Hey folks. Not a lot to report. Widdle Ducks are pretty big now. Esmond has been reintroduced into the fold without incident.

Chu Chu has a new favourite cat spot.

The couch is threatening to take over the whole garden.

That is all.


Laura said...

Remembering that Friday is your day of rest but wondering why you chose Friday?

Von said...

They're looking good!Couch as in what you sit on or that green stuff that strangles everything?If the later have you tried thick layers of newspaper? Mulch over the top and it works a treat.

The Duck Herder said...

hi there Laura. Probably because it is the easiest day to get away with from a work perspective - folks generally like me to be available Monday - Thursday but don't seem to worry if I am not around on a Friday...and also I love a long weekend!

Hello there Von - definitely the latter! Thanks for the tip - will start saving the newspapers instead of shredding them!

Thanks for visiting folks.

Lucy C said...

Your babies are gorgeous. Just wondering if you are going to need to find homes for them sometime soon. I'd be interested if you are.

The Duck Herder said...

Hey there Lucy C - I would LOVe to give you some Campbells but most of them have gone already! What were you after? I havnt quite decided what girls to keep (one or both) or what to do with the male I have left - he is the little one that is a bit slower to feather out and a bit behind the others in growth. What do you think?

duckie xxx