Saturday, February 13, 2010

Honey Truck Found

Honey Truck has been found. She has been on a bit of an adventure and has obviously suffered at the hands of her captors. She is all dinged in at the front and the back and the side. Sore nose, sore bum and a sore left shoulder.

Anyhoo. She may be a write off. Wont know until the insurance doods have had a look at her.


Poor honey truck. She didn't deserve that.

In other news, it has been raining steadily all day. Tanks are overflowing. Sue from next door reckons there was 2 inches in the rain gauge. That seems like crazy talk but it could just be true.

What bliss. How parched we all are and how soothing is this rain. Queen Malina and the girls are safely ensconced in their hive. And it is GREAT weather for ducks. Speaking of ducks, Mr BVVF and EM, if you are out there, you may come and take your pick of the litter so to speak....the widdle babies are almost feathered out and are starting to get their grown up voices.

What a lovely radar image. Duckie and Mr BVVF and Em all getting rained on.


Caitlyn Nicholas said...

I love the bom radar. Though sometimes I get all sniffy with it when it promises rain and it all stops before it gets to my house. I mean that's just unfair. :)

Ironically my word verification word is "ingrat". We just need to add an e!

Em said...

Isn't it great?! I will have to get some updated pics of the garden, it is thriving in this gentle soaking rain (as is the grass to the point it is almost outgrowing the weeds! Yay!)

If Mr BVVF doesnt object I may get him to collect some duckies for me. My car is running again but I dont want to risk driving too far till it has a proper service - I am terrified it will break down in some horribly inconvenient spot.

So the question is, how many boys and girls do you have and what sex do you recommend I adopt? I am getting four tookies for eggs in a couple of weeks so I mostly want the ducks for pest control and amusement. Would two boys be noisy/aggressive towards each other? Am I better off with a couple of girls and a diet of omelets and frittatas?

The Duck Herder said...

Hi Em! Thats great news about the garden. Re the duckies - I reckon a pair is always nice. In nature, ducks pair off and are deeply committed to each other and monogamous (gee, I dont even know how to spell that! oops) so a pair is just fine. YOu will have plenty of eggs and you dont need to let them breed unless you want to. Because they have grown up together, they will probably all get on fine, so if you want more or some spares that would work too. I probably wouldnt get more than one drake...unless you had lots of ducks. Trios can work really well too. I have definitely heard boy noises and girl noises so there is at least one of each!

A couple of them look like they are going to have little white marks on their necks - bit of a fault for the breed but cute! And one of them is tiny - I think this is a little duck. She is only about half the size of the others....

so really it is up to you. I will try and post some better up to date photos to help you make a decision!


Jacqui said...

yah for the rain finally reaching you!!! Feels wrong to get so much up here when it is needed elsewhere. Oh I wish I could have some duckies...

Em said...

Ok, will go with a boy and girl then...just wont let them breed in case we get a 3 legged duckling or something hehe. Oooh I love runts. They are always my favourite. And I am not concerned with them having white marks or anything - it does sounds cute! Does the little one get picked on by the others at all?

The Duck Herder said...

hey Em - the little one is a cutie - doesnt get picked on at all, and is the first to dive in under her buddies to get the good stuff!

I am not sure why she is so small, she seems perfectly healthy, but perhpas you should take a trio just in case there is some congenital reason why she is a pipsqueek?

Luckily they are breed from two completely unrelated lines, so it really wouldnt matter if yours ended up breeding.

great weather for ducks huh?

(and anyway they are delicious)

Em said...

Ok so a boy, a girl and the runt! They would be having a ball here. The driveway is one big puddle and there are slugs and snails all over the place!

Couple of questions so I can be a well prepared duck mama - what are their housing requirement? What do you feed them? Anything else I need to know?