Monday, February 8, 2010

Bee Pee - tasting Notes

Father in Law was so inspired he wrote some tasting notes for the Bee Pee aka Honey and Plum Saba.

Bee Pee

A 2010 red by the name of Bee Pee
Was a well balanced wine
Nicely presented, a professional job
All agreed it tasted fine

Has great colour and very nice legs
Subtle aromas emerge from the glass
Light structure but full-bodied fruit
This wine is definitely first class

A revelation on the palate
With a personality real cute
Plum coloured with a crimson glint
It really tastes quite beaut

A taste of honey floats in the air
And massages the nose
Subtle flavours everywhere
And just a hint of rose

The plums came from a neighbour’s tree T
he honey from the hive
This wine is not a Vienna Waltz
More Rock ‘n Roll or Jive

Don’t tell your friends about this drop
Just keep it to yourself
‘Cause if the public discovers it
It will vanish from the shelf

1 comment:

LS said...

It's really nice to get a good solid complement on a project like this, especially when it's from family. Well done.

My father has finally come to understand the issues of Peak Oil, our Debt Economy, and Over Population and is at last ready to talk about these things and their implications.

It seems like it is a day for family :-)