Sunday, November 1, 2009

lotions and potions

Time that WASNT SPENT EATING DELICIOUS BACON (thank you very very much for that little present Mr Bredbo Valley View Farm and The Cook!) included the making of another batch of moituriser.

In the interests of elegant frugality I have done away with the whole double boiler thingy and now heat up the oil component and the water component in separate stainless steel saucepans. It seems to work well and creates a lot less mess and stuffing around.

Basically this is what I do:

  • 4 parts water or tea or rose water
  • 1 part your favorite base oils (eg olive, macadamia nut, apricot kernel oil or a mixture)
  • 5% vegetable emulsyfying wax from here (ie if you have a combined oil and water total of 100mls, then use 5gms vegetable emulsifying wax)
  • Place wax in saucepan and melt gently. Add rest of oils.
  • Add water in separate saucepan
  • Heat contents of both saucepans to 75 degreees c
  • Add water into oil pan, whisking gently. Continue to whisk untill mixed.
  • Turn off heat. leave to cool, stiring accaisionally.
  • When mix is below 45 degrees add essential oils and preservative if you want to use it. (I don't)
  • Poor into clean jars


As for the Hair Conditioner - this one is even easier and it is just lovely on long hair.
Recipe for Hair Conditioner is HERE


In other news, the bees have been CRANKY.
I dropped in to visit the lovely BVVF folks and got to make friends with George the sheep AND taste The Cook's cooking and let me tell you I will be a repeat customer!
I bravely planted out the tomatos - Black Krims, Black Russians, Beams Yellow Pears, Siberians, Swifts, Sweeties and Romas. Stay back FROST!

that is all.


Valley View said...

Mrs DuckH

It was nice that you had time to stop by. Make sure you freeze any bacon left over as it's lowsalt/nitrate - that's why some is brown and not pink. Also a big thankyou for convincing the Cook she needs that other bale of straw, I'll return the favour one day........

The Duck Herder said...

heehee, one step ahead of you Mr BVVF. What wasnt devourded on day one has been packed into little bags and frozen already!

and I KNEW you woud be THRILLED about the straw!

Thanks again - did you have a good night at the 100 Mile Dinner?