Tuesday, November 24, 2009

an embarrassment of riches

Still too soon to tell if the girls have accepted the new queen. They have been MOST UPSET since last Friday - you know, the regicide day. (Forgive me Bruce) And then I went back and stole a box of honey.

The hot weather probably hasn't helped.

I will wait until Friday to go back in and see if Queen Malina of the White -Dot-On-Her-Head clan from Bathurst NSW (the peace maker) is still there. Then my darlings, I promise - no disturbances for as long possible.

The honey is divine. no, it really really is. And I should know - I have eaten about a liter of it already. I have paid off the neighbourhood with jars of honey and slabs of capped honey comb to make up for a week of suicide bombings and general anti neighbourliness.

Example 1 - Mr Duck Herder stopped on the street next door to say hello to the new neighbours who were just moving in. They were under the Cherry Tree. Whilst chatting, a bee landed on his thumb and promptly stung him. "Oh yeah", he said - holding out his thumb, "My wife keeps bees.............."

Guess I'd better give them a bottle too.....


Em said...

Looks fantastic! I will definitely wait until after we get our chooks to see about getting bees so I have some nice eggs available to bribe the neighbors with :D

Barbara said...

ROTHL......Lucky nieghbors!