Thursday, October 29, 2009

Its all about the bees......oh and ducks too.

Queen Atalia

Its hard to get good photos, but if you look closely you can see the newly drawn out comb on these frames. Rather than full sheets of foundation, I give the girls thin little strips of "starter" wax along the tops of the frames, and hope/coax them to build out the whole frame themselves.
This probably definitely impacts on productivity, but I don't care. It means that the comb is all fresh and edible and doesn't contain chemicals or bad things that might be found in commercial wax foundation. And it is so beautiful and white. So far, despite the many warnings I have received, they seem to be building the comb out exactly in line with the frames. Good girls!

I checked them the other day and they were BURSTING at the seams. They had filled a WHOLE BOX of EMPTY FRAMES with comb AND HONEY in just a couple of weeks. Here they are starting to build comb in the roof - until I kicked them out and gave them another box of empty frames to play with.

As for the NEW HIVE - she has been named Queen Aprilia. They are going GOOD. I will try and get some photos of the new girls tomorrow if it isn't cloudy.

And in other news, Amelia and Esmond are in the family way. Amelia has been sitting for almost a week now. Here is her nest. 11 eggs.

And here is Amelia today having a well earned break from sitting and a quick porridge snack.

that is all.


Em said...

Ooooh! Ducklings! Make sure you post lots and lots of pics. And if any need eventual re-homing I would love to get a pair :)

The Duck Herder said...

That would be great Em - you may have first pick of the litter!

Em said...

Woohoo! I am all read up and ready for chookies, now I better start learning about keeping ducks :)