Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Today is so beautiful. Not too hot. Sunny. I cracked at lunchtime and went for a quick mtb ride. Good opportunity to check on the pine nut seedlings I planted yesterday. They all look very happy with the situation and not too shocked after their first night out of the glass house. One day when they are big they will help to protect the community garden from the west wind.

And here is a piccy of Queen Aprilia. They are going very strong. I really need to put another box on both hives. I can hear Queen Atalia and the girls humming along outside the window. They are spilling out onto the front of the hive - hopefully because they are happy and warm and not because they are planning on swarming soon.

Now I am worried. I'd better go and assemble those extra frames!

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WeekendFarmer said...

LOVELY!!! I am so jealous...lovely grass and sun. Good to see the ducks getting broody. Mine stopped laying : ). Now the Muscovies have started. Interesting shaped eggs.

Hope all goes well!!!!