Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lacuna Sabbath

Early Moorpaark Apricots coming along nicely methinks.

Kiwi Gold seedling - second year in ground - doing very nicely this year. These guys leaf up MUCH ealier than the Haywards. I wonder if this will cause any problems with pollination. Assuming they ever flower of course. And assuming there is a girly one that flowers. Given that we need both a BOY and a GIRL, perhaps Murphy's Law doesnt apply, and we will serrendipitously end up with boys and girls.......Are you a boy or a girl?

The Princess Castle in spring.

Due to popular demand and a requirement to be in Cooma on Friday, the Lacuna Sabbath has been bought forward to Wednesday.


  • Try and make level area for new shed.
  • Prepare holes for pine nut seedlings at community garden
  • Water onions and brassicas at community garden plot
  • Prepare plot for tomato seedlings
  • Have a nanna nap
  • Crochet another outrageous flower for Carolyn's teacosy.
  • Finish weeding front yard
That'l do I reckon.

The Big Fella on redback control in the glass house. Amelia looking in.


Valley View said...

It's Friday and you didn't drop in... We'll have fresh sausages come Monday, yummmmmy....


Killi said...

What breed is that gorgeous fella you've got there?

The Duck Herder said...

Hello there Mr BVVF - I do apoligise for not popping in - I didnt end up leaving Cooma till quite a bit later than expected and I was trying to get home before the traffic got yucki. I did wave however! I don't suppose you will be home next Saturday? I will be traveling back from Jindabyne......? And that is very exciting about the piggy sausages!

Hi Killi - the big fella is MEANT to be a faverolle hen - but she is a bit too dark. She is lovely though. Although a hopeless layer.


Killi said...

Somehow I thought fella was a favorelle, but I wasn't sure as I've never met 1 before.