Saturday, October 17, 2009

hello there

That whole linear concept of time thingy - take your eye off it for a second and all of a sudden weeks and weeks have gone by! Lets see..its been quite cold and very windy and a little damp.

Stupid things.... 5 days of continuous yoga and meditation whilst on a retreat (not the stupid bit) First morning home, cleverly tore the tendons that join muscles to my pelvis while guessed it - YOGA!

Tomatos in soil blocks waiting for the Melbourne cup!

Clucky Winky.

Actinidia Arguta "Issai" hardy Kiwi. Tiny flowers. Some fruit this year?

Kangaroo Apple - in flower. Bush food - but tricky to prepare without poisoning one's self.

Brassicas in toilet rolls.

Promise the next will be sooner xxxxx


Jacqui said...

Hello Ducks,

First response: oh!! oww!!! I can almost feel it myself!!!! Second response: Heat pack, then cold pack, then beer? Or was it beer, then heat pack, then cold pack? I can never remember.

Yes, I'm with you on the linear time thingy...I'm just not with it at the moment.

Love your little Winky...are you giving her cuddles just because you can? I can't help it. We've got three going now - Buffy decided to join in.

I had a kangaroo apple but when the electrician came he mistook our garden for a driveway and mashed it. Grrrrr. That was early on in the piece - I've never seen a grown up one before.

We're loving the toilet rolls - have just planted out ninety little seedlings (some were donated - the rolls that is).

Give my regards to Queenie - hope she's not stinging you no more.

The Duck Herder said...

Hello there lovely Jacqui. Little Winky is adorable. I love her FURIOUS growl when I get the eggs out from under her. Such RAGE!

Its definitely broody time isnt it.

And as for Queenie - I am giving her a WIDE berth untill the weather really warms up.........