Friday, June 20, 2008

Mr Duck Herder

The Lawrence Kansas paper saw fit to put a photo of Mr Duck Herder in their local paper.

And because I am feeling sooky and missing my little rooster, here is a photo of me sobbing at the airport, just before he flew off to Hawaii.



ducks like rain.

I like rain too!

Especially when I can work from home and watch the duckies enjoying the rain while I am snug and warm inside with my fluffy slippers on.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Chicken Olympics

Happy weekend here in ONC. Its the Chicken Olympics. (and Ducks and Geese and Turkeys and Guinea Fowl). In case you haven't heard, its the National Royal Poultry Show, or is it the Royal National...... anyhoo, it happens but once every four years. THOUSANDS of birds. Folks traveling from all over Australia. The photos of the Australian Game Birds are for Mr Duck Herder - where ever you are in Kansas Toto! And the little Barbu d'Anvers roo is for me!
I got to meet some other Silkie Club folks at a meeting. That was really lovely. I also caught up with lovely Lucy - the lady I bought Maurice from originally. I was looking for a new white silkie rooster to replace poor old Maurice. I made some good contacts, but didn't manage to find a new boy yet.

More Pine Nuts

Yesterday driving back from farming hunting east of Nimitabel I stopped in Michalego to take some photos of these pinus pinea trees at the cemetery. The tree in the foreground is what they look like when they have been pruned a little. The lollypop trees in the background is what they look like ala - naturale.

There are no cones on these trees (just like all the pine nut trees in the region) because of the drought. It will be interesting to see if there has been enough rain for these guys to flower in the spring. Even then, it will be another 3 years before any cones are ready - thats a long time to wait for new seeds for seedlings. It makes the little stash of last winter's seeds I have from a local stand of trees very precious indeed.

tea cosy #3

for Pa Kettle

Friday, June 6, 2008

Princess Castle is Famous!

OH, I forgot - check out the front cover of Australasian Poultry this month - that's our back yard!

And page 5.


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

that marvelous machine

Well, sitting here, preparing (mentally) to get stuck into some work. Looking out over the bikes into the garden. Watching chickens zoom around the lawn. Listening to the bread maker busily kneading the dough.

I really like that bread maker - it REALLY gets into the whole kneading thing.

Things of (little) note:
  • I bought a new sack of chook feed. $27:50 for 30kg. Not cheap. And the ducks HATE it. Its one they have had before. But they are on a hunger strike. And not a very quiet one.
  • Camilla the secret chicken is getting more and more tame. She doesn't run crazily away any more. She runs crazily toward me. Still crazy in a leghorn kinda way. Just not quite so crazy scared.
  • Looks like Miss Nefley is finally over her cluckiness. What a persistent little chook. 8 weeks she kept it up for.
  • My reward for getting some reports written today will be free reign to plant out my new Cambridge Rival strawberry runners. They are sulking in the fridge waiting for me to find some time to get them out. Maybe today? Maybe they will have to wait until Friday.
  • Poppet went to the local vet today for her shots. She has lost 200gms! (over 12 months). She is a little fatty. But Ivan the wonder vet says she is a healthy little fatty. She is having a sleep to recover from the indignity.

Looking forward to fresh bread for lunch.

that is all.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Gibraltar Rock

Yesterday I drove up into the Tidbinbilla National Park and jogged/climbed up to the top of Gibraltar Rock. It was very STEEP! But well worth the sore legs today. The good thing about running (or jogging as the case may be) is that you warm up very quickly! There I was zipping along in runners, 3/4 leggings and a tee-shirt (everything else was in my little backpack) while everyone else was rugged up in beanies, hiking boots, polar fleece and down parkas!

At the top I stopped and had a new season fuji apple and a home made muffin, took in the view and jogged back down again. Its a great view. .

The bush is still scared from the 2003 fires. Despite the drought, there is a little regrowth through all the burnt sticks.

All in all - a very pleasant way to spend a mupster free afternoon!

tea cosy #2

tea anyone?