Sunday, August 12, 2007


Well! Even though the last two days have been very busy teaching at big school, there was still time to make the most yummy and impressive loaf of sourdough bread. Yup, Shirley the second sourdough starter is a raging success. yay! Shirley rose so much that half the enormous loaf had to be cut off and gifted to ma and pa duck herder. They were most happy! Here is a picture of Shirely - the incredibly soft, light, organic spelt loaf. She is a bit flat, and next time I will use a loaf tin, but hmmmmmmm hmmmmmm!

Tonight we had leek and potato soup - duck herder leeks and organic taties of course- sprinkled with tiny duckherder broccoli flowers. I like using broccoli like this - finely sliced and raw over the tops of soups etc. And of course, toasted sourdough with heaps of butter!

The uni is only 15 minutes away, and I must say it was lovely getting home in time each day to go for a run while it was still light. Usually I don't get home until 6:30 or 7:00, BUT only 5 more days of that to go too!

In other news, it is not just me that approves of the new office arrangement taking form in the bike room. Poppet is just as happy sitting on my laptop as she is sitting on Mr Duck Herder's lap top - so I feel like the feng shui mustn't be too bad in there!

As you can see, there are still lots of blank walls, no shelving and a lack of floor coverings but it is a lovely place to work - looking out into the back yard.

And as for little Nefley - Last night after the trauma of loosing 4 eggs I candled two of the remaining ones, and both had live little chicks inside. As of 5:00pm tonight, no little babies, and no discernible peeping. Ten pm tonight is the official 21 day mark - and it has been cold so it is possible it might take a little is also possible that something has gone wrong and they may not hatch, but Rhonda, keep those cigars handy just in case!

Well, that's me. I had better pop outside and lock those rascally ducks up, check Nefley once more and get to bed - another early start tomorrow. sigh.


Kirsty said...

Oh that bread looks beautiful! I havent tried making sour dough yet but it's on my list! I wish I could work from home! Anyway good luck with the chicks

Rhonda Jean said...

Crikey, what fabulous bread! It look delicious. What did it taste like. Did it have that discernable sourdough taste. I love that. Tell me it did. Just imagine what the loaves will be like after you've been home a few weeks. Perfecto!

I'm sending warm motherly vibes to the eggs. I'm looking forward to reading about them tomorrow.

The Duck Herder said...

THanks Kristy and Yes Rhonda I can assure you that Shirley smells WONDERFUL! She ended up "proofing" for 18 hours and the first rise was over night, and so was the second! but, in cold ONC, this didnt do her any harm. FINALLY, I understand what is meant by "double in size". hmmmmmm yum yum, thanks Rhonda for introducing me to the world of wild yeasts and sourdough.