Thursday, August 16, 2007

but wait, there's more!

Well, despite all fears to the contrary, all four eggs have hatched. Nefley is the proud mother of 2 buff and 2 black (?) silkie chicks (hooray!!)

This cold weather has really messed with their timing - hatching over 4 days!

Poor Nefley hasn't left the nest since SUNDAY. Hopefully the littlest chicki will be strong enough to get down the ladder tomorrow so she can take everyone for a little walk and get a proper drink. The older chicks are already beetling around the nest, learning how to eat'n'stuff. Yay yay yay!
Here are some photos from a couple of days ago, when there were only 2!


Lucky-1 said...

Oh congrats.... babies:)

Please keep posting photos as they grow:)

Never can have too many baby photos on your blog.

Love the colouring of the little fluff ball in the left bottom photo:D

Killi said...

Congratulations!!! Champagne all round?! Posting this from a library as I can't post comments at home :(. Both my Welsummer hatched chicklets have died ~ I think mum got bored with them. The 1 I found this morning had died in a "ballerina" pose, legs outstretched fore & aft, head up, 1 wing forward, 1 back. She looked so sweet

Lucy C said...

Congratulations to the new Mum.

The Duck Herder said...

Dear Killi, Lucy C and Lucky-1,
Thankyou for your well wishes! Mum and bubs are going great. fingers crossed they are all hens and I wont have to cross the "could I eat a silkie" dillema!

I just love their little boris becker haircuts, :o)