Wednesday, August 1, 2007

more of that life stuff

News snippets:

Maurice the silliest fluffy chicken has finally worked out how to get up the ladder to bed unaccompanied by an adult. (yay Maurice) He is up there now, pretending he knew how to do it all along.

Those gorgeous ducks are laying an egg each EVERY day, without fail, and are building the biggest nest in the world. The poor things try and fool me every morning by carefully covering their eggs with straw and futon wadding - so cute. (oh, Miriam the drake is NOT laying every day)

After a 12 hour day I returned home to find Mr Duck Herder had fed the ducks, arranged my new office and was putting the final screws into the new second hand desk. (yay Hubby!) Mr Duck Herder had also found time to defrost some organic mince and make home made hamburgers complete with fresh herbs, home grown garlic, chilli and lovely spices! (That man has way too much time on his hands)

The Duck Herder has also been overwhelmed by the response to her previous blog. Thank you folks, for all your kind words on this and Rhonda's blog. I was actually a little bit nervous about posting such a personal spiel, but now I am glad that I did.

So, here we are, it's 9.00pm, and I am exhausted but happy, I feel very very loved, and now I am off to bed. Seeya.


Sherd said...

I love your life stuff. (^_^)

Lucy C said...

Hello Duck Herder.
I just found your blog via somewhere that I have already forgotten. Sad, I know.
The story about getting your silkie roo is gorgeous. Wish I could visit that Lucy too. Bit far for me though.
I have chooks and ducks that you can read about on my blog.
keep herding.

Killi said...

I shall try to leave a comment ~ Rhonda Jean pointed me over here & I love it! I wanted to post comments on so many of your posts, but gave up after several days of failing. What are your ducks? I have Khaki Campbells. I, too, have Silkies ~ 2 White Cockerels, 1 Black Cockerel & 1 White Hen. My 2 original hens were foxed & minked on the same day & all the ready-to-hatch eggs went as well. I was given the 2nd White Cockerel free as my original 3 were sold as a trio & often that means they're related. Their names were: Ma-Li, Li-Li & You-Dzheng; Sun-Tzu was the extra boy & the chick that hatched & survived the move to Ireland & the attacks on her mum & aunt is Li-Tze. My Black Henny was killed before having babies & Li-Tze was disturbed when she went broody & gave up. I haven't named my Black Cockerel as yet, (Li-Tze would have suited him better than the girly!). I also have Cochins (Feathered Rugby Balls in Trousers & Slippers), Welsummers, Cuckoo Marans & some odd Banties ~ the resulting chicks are a really strange mixture & I have 2 sets called Phelans & Marcies after (She doesn't know that she's been used as a name for a second colouring)

The Duck Herder said...

Hello there Lucy C and Killi! Welcome to my little blog. What would we do without chooks and ducks to keep us sane? I look forward to finding out more about your flocks.

Killi, the ducks are Khaki Campbells. They are hilarious and bring us lots of joy and giggles!(and zillions of lovely eggs) It is good to know that there are others that have fallen prey to the silliness of silkies - I mean really, what a ridiculous bird! Lucky none of us seem to have any perspective at all!

It sounds like you both have had some very back luck with your chookies (deaths in custody etc) so I hope that changes very soon for you both.

And as for you little Sherd - I love you too, and I love your life stuff too!

xxxx tdh

Brethren of the Quon said...

The brethren are disturbed at these mutterings. Has Mr duck Heeder lost his edge?