Saturday, August 4, 2007

its all new!

New office, new view, new wireless connection, first post from trusty old laptop.

Hee hee hee!!!

I can see trees and plants and chooks and ducks from where I sit. I can hear cranky ducks. I can still see a lot of bikes, but well, my little workspace is squished into the bike room after all. What folks cannot see is a roadbike inside the front door, and a silly triathlon bike in the spareroom, which also has the iron and ironing board precariously placed beside the bookcase. Yup, life with an athlete. sigh...

Other exciting news, Joe came around today with some new shelving for the greenhouse. It is WONDERFUL! There are 4 levels, and heaps of height for lots of plants. I just have to gather enough warmth to go out once more and brave the cold to finish putting everything back in. While Joe was working, I was sitting around, chitter-chatting and keeping him company. Maurice, it turns out, is a LAP chicken. He loves just shnuggling down in my lap while I sit, and then while I was walking around, he just perched on my arm. He is a COOL silly chicken. Not smart mind you, just very cool.

My folks came over to visit, and they agreed Maurice was quite beautiful in a silly fluffy chicken kind of a way too. He did the same shnuggling thing with my Dad - just sat quietly on his arm, nestled up against his body. hee hee. I wonder if he would like to sit just here beside me on the end of my desk. Perhaps I will make him a little cushion to sit on. I'm gunna love this working from home thing!


Kirsty said...

What a wonderful view! When do you start your new job? how exciting! Maurice sounds like the cutest thing! I wish my sheep were a bit more friendly! I appear and the run a mile! I've tried tempting them but they just don't like me! I bet your Dad enjoyed the cuddle!

Rhonda Jean said...

It looks cold outside. Brrrrrr. Is that where your office will be when you're working from home? It's lovely to be able to look outside to the garden.

I looked at Joe's page. That's a really great chook tractor, one of the best I've seen.

It's good to hear that Maurice is ingratiating himself into the family as only silly silkies can.

The Duck Herder said...

HI Kristy - I start on 3rd Sept. yay! I am sure you will win Paul and Kelly over eventually - once you work out what their favourite food is! It might take them a while to realise that you do not plan to eat them, just coddle them!

Hi Rhonda (you are up early this morning as well!) Yes, this is where I will be working from. It is a room that we havnt really used for anything except bikes and ironing. (bikes figure hugely in our lives!) There is no flooring in some parts, but I am sure I can find some carpet or a rug or something! It really feels like a new room and it is lovely to be able to look out into the back yard.

Joes chicken runs are amazing - they will last forever. Joe's mission in life is to make sure that every kid grows up with a couple of chooks in the backyard and knows how to grow veggies! I help him out sometimes at field days etc, and love seeing kids who have never seen a live chook before fall in love with his cuddly pekins. the looks on their faces are just beautiful - infact, Joe makes sure that their parents come around and actually SEE the expressions of wonder on their children's faces!

ANd yes, Dad thought Maurice was just gorgeous - he gets great delight from those frivilous chickens - of course, he grew up with REAL chooks that looked like chickens, tasted great and laid eggs, so the silkies crack him up!

Sherd said...

Hooray for lap chickens! Hooray for working from home!

Killi said...

Of course Maurice is a Lap Chicken ~ he's a descendant of the Imperial Chinese Chickens seen by Marco Polo on his travels in China! It's his right to be carried around on your arm (carried in state by a minion!) & sitting on the best throne in the house (your lap!). Mine aren't allowed in the house. Yesterday my rare & special Cochin hen died ~ she was exactly 4 years old :(