Saturday, August 11, 2007

and then there were four...

Oh no! Friends of Nefley - the fluffiest, whitest silkie chicken were saddened to hear that four of her little eggs have somehow become separated from the others and were found cold and alone, buried in the straw far from the nest. The Duck Herder is kicking herself for putting such coarse straw in the nesting box - resulting in a very loose nest. This in turn, has led to very flimsy nest walls. Chookies seem to organise their eggs by sight, and poor little Nefley probably didn't even see her little eggs were missing. A couple of days ago I realised she had dug the nest so deep the eggs were actually resting on the wooden floor and in pushing some straw in underneath her, I might have inadvertently pushed some of the eggs away. Silly Duck Herder!

Things are getting very anxious now - only one or two sleeps to go until those remaining little eggs hatch - baring any other mishaps.

Hang in there Nefley!


Lucy C said...

I hope you get babies.
My goal this year is to have ducklings on the ground for the first time.

The Duck Herder said...

Ah, now Ducks I can help you with! Tabitha-Jemima produces at least a bakers dozen each year without mishap or fail!

Although really, little Nefley and Jenni the fluffy chickens normally dont have any trouble hatching out what ever we put under them - chooks or ducks! This is the first time I have lost eggs like this and I feel such an idiot! RAAA!

Lucy-C, if there is anything I can do to help you with getting your Mrs Duck to set, let me know :o)

Rhonda Jean said...

hang in there nefley! I have cigars waiting.