Monday, March 5, 2012

Triumphant Again

You may rest assured that your loyal duck herder continues to be associated with the ONCs BEST PERFORMING COMMUNITY GARDEN EVER IN THE KNOWN UNIVERSE AND BEYOND. 

Yesiree. Once again we CLEANED UP at the Canberra Royal Horticultural Society thingy show.

Completely kicked arse. CLEANED THE TABLE with our arch nemesis Cook Community Garden's buts. 

First Prize - Best Vegetable Exibit
First Prize - Best Fruit Exhibit
First Prize - Best Flower Exhibit.
Second Prize - Overall Display. (Congratulations Kaleen Garden on this one! Your veggies were spectacular)

And yes, that is my pumpkin on the floor!


Gooseberry Jam said...

Congrats, your Fruit & Veg look Fantastic, how could you have not got first prize!

dixiebelle said...

That is fantastic. I also love your modesty!!

That display makes me feel a little giddy. So pretty, so productive... you must all be very proud!

dixiebelle said...

And that pumpkin is bloody huge!!

Queen of the Tea Cosies said...

Wow. Well done.

rhonda jean said...

Congratulations duckie. It looks great.

Jacqui said...

Ms Duck Herder. That was an extended break - I missed you girl! And all I can say about your collective triumphs is that YOU ROCK and I am in total AWE. Very inspiring. Our garden is a very sad place at present. We barely got 10kilos of spuds and that doesn't even count as gardening! I think we have 3 leaks growing and everything else is just going to seed...sigh. Glad to have you back again. Happy New Year and all that xx

Jacqui said...

oh my god - I just finally put that pumpkin into proportion with the ones on the table!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As Mick would say, that is triumphant xx

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