Monday, June 6, 2011

Winter Harvest - kiwifruit

June is all about kiwi and lemons. I know, every year I DO GO ON about how wonderful home grown kiwi fruit are. I know. I know. But they ARE. The best thing about home grown kiwifruit is that you can leave them on the vine until well into winter and they just get sweeter and sweeter and sweeter. They need GOOD HARD FROSTS to make them sweet I reckon. They don't ripen until you pick them - even then it can be days or weeks until they soften. But they are SWEET. Nothing like those tart sour yuckballs you buy in the super market. IMHO commercial kiwifruit are picked WAY too early.

How do you get the best out of your kiwis? Well, most of the Vitamin C is in the I reckon the best and easiest way to prepare them is to gently scrub all the fur off with a scourer - and then the skin is soft and not fury. And they are easy to cut up - not messy - or you can just eat them like an apple. How wonderful to be able to pick fresh, delicious fruit in the dead of winter.

From my desk, I can see cold spoilt chickens wanting to come in.

Kiwifruit. Get into it.


sherdie said...

You should let those fluffballs in!

Gooseberry Jam said...

Yum, I love Kiwi Fruit! My passionfruits are starting to ripen up, if you lived closer we could do a swap, We could make Fresh Pavlova, with Kiwi and Passionfruit topping! Now that would be a nice treat! :)

Bruise Mouse said...

I just lurve kiwi fruit. We have been eating quite a few of the locally grown green ones lately. I saw some of the yummy yellow variety at the shops but didn't really want to buy something that had travelled over 5000km.
I was amazed with how they grow on the vine the first time I ever saw them. It is just like a canopy.

The Duck Herder said...

heehee. Yes Sherdie I should! They certainly WANT to come in......

Hey Gooseberry Jam you wouldn't believe how many passionfruit vines I have murdered DESPERATELY trying to keep one alive down here - I love them so much, and happily pay $1 for each one......poor me - I would LOVE to swap with you.

Hello there Bruise Mouse - the yellow ones are lovely . I have grown some from the seeds of some fruit I bought a couple of years ago. So far only one has flowered, but it is a I am hoping some of the others are girls.....they are really lovely.

Yay for Kiwifruit!

dixiebelle said...

Do you preserve your lemons? I just did a blog post about it, if you are interested:

The Duck Herder said...

Hi Dixiebelle
I never have enough left! We go through them... and they last so long... but hopefully this year I can save some to try preserving so thank you for the link!