Friday, June 24, 2011

Learn to Crochet from a Duck!

OK my feathered friends. This is PRETTY COOL. Remember I went on an adventure to Alpaca Magic to huggle llamas buy BEAUTIFUL ALPACA YARN? Well, the gorgeous Glynda has ASKED ME TO RUN A CRAZY ABOUT CROCHET course for folks wanting to learn crocheting from a Duck, I mean, of fine things perhaps with lovely Alpaca yarn. Imagine learning to crochet and huggling Llamas all on the same day? Times 3!

If you are a fellow ONCian who thinks they might just like to learn the gentle art of CROCHET, then I would love to met you! It would be SUCH FUN!

We are still working out the fine details,and Glynda is still to update the website but at this stage, we are looking at holding a series of 3 workshops on:

Saturday the 9th, 16th and 23rd of July
From 1:30pm - 4:30pm
At Alpaca Magic, 2771 Sutton Rd, Sutton.

  • Session 1 will cover the basic stitches, reading crochet recipes, yarns and basic Llama hugging techniques. 
  • Session 2 will have you all ready to start on a lovely project of your choosing - perhaps a nice beanie or noodley spiral scarf.
  • Session 3 will see us finishing up our projects, leaning another new stitch and going 3D into the world of crochet flowers. 

Cost will be $160 for the whole three days including a cuppa, lots of support and giggles and fun, enchanted encounters with the llamas and alpacas, course notes, your very own crochet hook and some practice yarn.

EVEN IF YOU HAVE NEVER HELD A CROCHET HOOK BEFORE AND ARE ESPECIALLY SCARED you are very very welcome. You will be able to buy beautiful yarn made from the fleeces of the alpacas that live at the farm - home grown fleece! Of course you are welcome to use other yarns of your choosing because THIS IS ABOUT CROCHET LOVE.

What do you think? Prospective Gentleman Crocheters are very welcome - CROCHET IS NOT FOR SISSIES you know.

Enrollment forms are available from the Alpaca Magic website. Is this a nice thing to do?
Lordie I am so excited. 

THIS is what living a post project existence is ALL ABOUT.


sherdie said...

I want to come!! That sounds awesome.

WeekendFarmer said...

You should be my I can buy/borrow what you knit. What a talent! Love the movie about the bees. How is the Queen doing for you?

dixiebelle said...

Me, me, me!!! Yes please!!

dixiebelle said...

Oh, crap, the first 2 dates are out for me... if this is successful and you plan to do it again, I would love to come.

What about knitting, I know some people who'd like to learn to knit, maybe a follow up knitting course (please!!)

OK, off to post this on the everydayeco in the a.c.t. Facebook page...

The Duck Herder said...

Hooray! Dixiebelle thank you so much for posting this on the Everyday Eco in the ACT Facebook page! I am so sorry the dates do not work for you this time. Hopefully people will like the course and I can run another one - I will CONSULT with you first to make sure the dates work :-)

My Dear Sherdie and Weekend Farmer - how can we overcome the geographical challenge? SKYPE? NOw that would be fun!

I stayed up all night the other night planning the course.....I think it will work very nicely.....And I have purchased PURPLE crochet hooks for everyone....SO how could that not help with the wool wrangling process?

Oh, and Dixiebelle I think that Alpaca Magic runs learning to KNIT courses as well, but of course, that is not for me......I is a one stick pony......

dixiebelle said...

It would be wonderful if the stars aligned & I could do a crochet course with you in the future! I have been teaching myself knitting and crocheting from books/ Youtube but not quite the same as face-to-face...

Also, when is a good time to visit the bees?? Spring? I would so love to come & see your set up... so would my husband & kids but I am sure that is too many people at once.

Just checking the Alpaca Magic site now, thank you!

The Duck Herder said...

Hey dixiebelle
I would be very happy for you to come and meet the bees anytime - but if you would like to perhaps see inside the hives that will need to wait until spring. Perhaps if your little family wanted to come and see too, we could do something down at the community garden where we have lots of hives and we could get my Bee Yoda Eric who knows everything about bees (unlike me who just stumbles along seeking forgiveness) to let your kiddies have a really good poke inside a hive? I have some spare veils.....and so does Eric I think. And he is VERY WISE! Or if I was able to contact you I could let you know when I was going out to collect a swarm and you could come too? Lots of options!

dixiebelle said...

Hi again, sorry I took so long to reply, it's been a busy few weeks! I would love to come along to any bee experience you are happy to let me tag along to! You can contact me at everydayecointheact