Sunday, June 5, 2011

Forgive me Bruce for I have sinned.

There has been a %#@load of airyplane travel lately. ONC - Tas, ONC to Armidale and now ONC to Sydney all in the one month. I am not sure how to fit destroying the planet through plane travel into my efforts to help shift the current trajectory of the universe. Efforts to not have a job seem to have fallen by the wayside. The good news is the universe completely supports (and indeed is DEMANDING) that one commits totally to diversion of organics from landfill (yay!) and helping folks get their composting processes all sorted out. I love my job(s).The duck even found herself at a FEEDLOT if you can imagine. My what endless possibilities for composting there are there. Its like heaven. But without the sad cows of course. Who would have thought all that work and study in anthropology and other human related fields would land one so knee deep in photosynthetic not to dwell on it.

Anyway, here is where the pink chair is currently parked. In my office. Facing the hug window. Separated from my desk by a book case. Perfect for reading and thinking and drinking tea and cushioning sleeping cats. Having a good workspace is reaping its rewards one hundred fold. I have managed to solve the whole preference for having one's back to the wall while facing the window quite nicely thank you. 

So now there is actually a floor in the office/cat room/hooch room. And no hole in the floor.

Here is a cat.

And here are the bees. Queen Malina on the Front Deck.  All packed down for winter. Enjoying the sun. Hooray for deciduous trees.

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