Friday, January 2, 2009

news on the fruit front

Yesterday we glimpsed our first leg less higher order predator in the garden - Miss Quentin the silly white fluffy chicken hopped onto a rock and alerted us in no uncertain terms that there was something amiss. On further investigation, a brown snake slithered quickly away from the big girls house. After the mice I suspect. I will ask Poppet to step up her game. I think I would prefer to have Poppet in the garden after the mice that a resident snake.

Here are some of the nashis on Miss Kosui. They are still fairly small, but getting there. Poor Hosui and Kosui are bowed down with their luscious fruit!

And here is the new Apricot - a Morepark Early. Welcome to the family Miss Morepark

I am trying something new -duo plantngs. Here is a peachcot and an Angel (flat) peach.

And here is my tara fig / grape kiwi / kiwi berry call it what you will actinidia arguta. In case you are not familiar with them - they are the little hairless grape sized kiwi fruit you see in little square plastic punnets at the supermarket (for those of you who still go there!). They are sweeter than normal kiwi fruit. This variety "issai" is actually self fertile although depending on when it flowers, I am sure it will benefit from Mr Kiwi's presence. You can use a normal kiwi male to fertilise argutas.

And here is the real thing! As mentioned elsewhere, these are of the "hayward" variety. It is hard to believe how many kiwi fruit are on these two vines. I stopped counting after 200.

And finally, this is the first year that BOTH the feijoa trees have flowered - so it will be interesting to see if we get any fruit this year.

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