Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bringing in the Harvest

Where has the duck herder been? Off to the south coast for a whole week of meditation and yoga and swimming in the ocean. Can you imagine? What bliss and what a lovely way to start the year.

Mr Duck Herder did a "highly commended" job looking after the garden while I was away. You know, I think he is getting better at being a tenderer of the fruits and vines and fields and feathered ones. Many thanks my darling.

My neighbour and I have been busy bottling plums (from the biggest hippy) and rhubarb and making jam. I have rows and rows of burgundy and green bottles lining the pantry.

We are eating nashis (hmmmmm crunch) and nectarines (aaaaah slurp). Look at THESE little beauties.

Have you ever seen such beautiful colours? I think this is a goldmine or something similar - yellow, fragrant cling stone.

And my pride and joy - All this fruit from my little two years in the ground seedling. This one is a white fleshed free stone. Some folks don't think nectarines make very pretty trees but I disagree. I love their long elegant leaves.

And here are the tomatoes. Lots of green. Not a lot of red yet! And a lovely view across to Mt Stromlo.

And here is another view of my plot at the community garden.

Started digging up the taties today.

Do you know what I love? I love my garden.


Jacqui said...

Oh that's exciting reading about a two year old tree giving you so much fruit! Ours are all 1yr old so maybe next year. We have one poor unidentified fruit tree that had been butchered by the previous owner. We've been pruning it and feeding it and encouraging it to grow again and looking at your pics, I think it could be a nectarine! By the trunk it must be quite old but it was sawn off and is resprouting. I hope it revives and we can keep it. Your spuds are a good size too. Well done!

The Duck Herder said...

Hi Jacqui. My neigbours put in some peach trees a couple of years ago and this year they got 5 fruit. Hopefully your young trees will be like our kiwis and you will go from 2 fruit to over 200 fruit in 12 months!

How exciting to see what comes off your old ressurected tree.....!

happy gardening.

sherd said...

I love your garden too.

The Duck Herder said...

and I love you sherdie