Friday, January 9, 2009

lacuna sabbath

In the interests of starting the year off the way I intend to keep it, today was decreed a lacuna sabbath day of worship. As such, all independent consultants hid their mobiles under their desks in the bottoms of their bags and headed outside into the world of green.

We have superb fairy wrens nesting in the garden. Mr Fairy Wren rouses on me whenever I walk up to the duck house. Usually we are told off each year with the chicka chicka chicka of the willy wag tails but this year the rousing emanates from the brilliant blue of Mr Fairy Wren. I will try and get a photo of him but if you are interested, they look like this.

In other news, I pulled up the last of the first lot of onions. They are AMAZING. Is it rude for an onion to weigh 330gms? Imagine - three onions to the kilo! Nothing tastes so good as caramelised red onions especially THESE sweet sweet onions.

This year I grew Red Shines, Hunter River Browns and Sweet Reds. I have another patch of gladalans in - but they are just babies and it remains to be seen if they bulb up before winter.

Big - but not as big as a little tubby Poppet tummy.

Other events of the day include fixing a leaking water pipe, collecting a trailer load of horse poop and sawdust from the stables up the road and cycling over to Ma and Pa Duck Herder because I heard Mama was baking orange rock cakes I mean for a visit.

Thats what the lacuna sabbath is ALL about.

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