Sunday, November 9, 2008

Tomatos are in!

Sheesh. Growing tomatos in ONC - if it isnt too cold, then it is too hot! Little babies needed to be covered after planting on this bright and sunny day.

Luckily sun protection doubles as late frost protection AND wind protection - because no doubt we will have all three this week.

Here are my lovely poppies resplendent amongst the garlic.

Companion planting? Well, they seem to be getting on well enough.

It was a warm and sunny day today - plenty warm enough for me to see TWO snakes at opposite ends of the community garden. Hello fellas! Be nice. I mean you no harm. Better tell Gerry a little brown snake is living in his rhubarb patch, just near the water main.........

And something is eating my seedlings in the glass house - munching the tops right off. Did you have to destroy ALL the rock melons and water melons? I KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!!! DEATH TO EARWIGS.

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