Saturday, November 29, 2008

Food Forest

No picture just yet, but I have been enjoying the fruits of our garden muchly these past weeks. It takes a while for those little fruit trees to mature enough to gift us generously with their lovely lovely treasures. I can honestly say we haven't bought fruit for over a month - except for mangoes of course!

There is an early cherry tree on next doors nature strip that has provided us and most of the neighbourhood with plentiful bowls of luscious fruits over the past 4 weeks, and is STILL going. The strawberries are offering up a small handful each day. The mulberries are big, fat and juicy. The raspberries are just starting to ripen, and the young berries are not far behind.

If you think about how much organic cherries, mulberries, raspberries and young berries cost in the shops, well, there is no sweeter way to feel rich and opulent than to grow your own.

This year the nashis and kiwis have really stepped it up - there are probably over 20 baby nashis slowing swelling, and well, perhaps 100 kiwis.

To off set this abundance, I am sorry to report that earwigs or slaters ate ALL of my baby zucs, rock melons, water melons, cucumbers, luffas and pumpkins. :-(

I will try again next weekend with some bought seedlings....I think I use too much mulch......any other ideas?

And here is Amelia and some of her babies - doing what ducks and chickens do so well - cleaning up garden beds prior to planting out.


Melinda said...

Have you tried sprinkling coffee grounds and crushed eggshells around your seedlings? It keeps the snails and slugs away. And yeah, move your mulch back until they're well growing.

Good luck!

Chooks'r'us said...

I've tagged you for a green meme if you are not all tagged out or don't feel like doing it. Love your duckies!

Killi said...

Your ducklings are so BROWN. Mine are still yellow & black & cream ~ I'd forgotten what KC ducklings looked like; yours are KCs aren't they?

The Duck Herder said...

Hi there everyone thanks for your tipps! I might need to take up coffee! I am not sure what the problem is - I have resorted to using derris dust on the smallest seedlings. The slaters seem to leave them alone once they get a few leaves - the problem is when they are tiny.

Killi - I think my duckies are KCs - they are not pure pure bred -Mirriam has a small dot of white on his neck that comes through in about half the offspring but they are consistenly greenybrown when they hatch. I love their colour so much. And they lay such beautiful eggs.

Chooks'r'us thanks for the meme! I love your blog.

Killi said...

Last time I incubated ducks I had a KC with a white throat & as far as I know mine are only KCs. KCs are known as lousy sitters, so maybe Miriam is a X! 1 of my black & yellows seems to be all black & s/he's a splendid bird (What is it with me & breeding black animals?! ~ my blue beddy threw out black pups & my white goat black & white kids to a beige puc). Because I have an aylesbury drake & these odd ducklings, goodness only knows what I'll throw up this year...