Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sox #4

Latest off the hook. Notice the ribbed leg!


Chooks'r'us said...

oo these are lovely - nice bit of ribbing too! Must get that book.

Killi said...

I LOVE that colour

I'm puppy-sitting a friend's young doggy (actually, she's 1 of Pireni's babies, so knows me & the other dogs) whilst she goes to a doctor's appointment in Dublin. Midnight RippleBack, the strange young Lurcher with a yarn fixation, took her to 1 side & explained the delights of running off with whatever I'm working on & encouraged her to try it. I've JUST found the crochet hook, 12 hours after she took the crochet slipper I'm working on! I made a pair of multi-coloured (using up bits of yarn I had) socks that Annon uses as slippers & I made a pair of the Lionbrand Pixie Boot slippers (without the edging) that she ran off with, but I used Sirdar's Nova & my green crochet hook (not sure of the size ~ it's fat & green!).
1 of MY knitting patterns has been posted on the Ravelry site because I posted it in my LJ blog for someone who was terrified of knitting socks & because I wrote the pattern, virtually everything is spelt out, row by row! Another knitter asked if she could post it on Ravelry so she could use it. I must try to find some aran wool, my 4mm needles (wrong size for aran, but all I had when I was paid to knit socks with the specified wool) & get sock knitting again.

The Duck Herder said...

Hi there Chooks'r'us and Killi. They are wearing really well - I must admit.

killi you are so creative (as are you Ms Dome)

Fury friends and crocheting don't always mix well, poppet loves to play with my balls of wool and make a great mess!