Thursday, April 10, 2008

off the streets

Something that has been keeping me off the streets lately is crocheting. I am definitely getting better at it. Here is my first attempt rug. Mr Duck Herder wants to know if it I am making myself a security blanket. (!) It is almost finished.

Last measurement was 137cm x 131cm.

Ma Duck Herder, and her friend Dot have both put in orders for rugs too. But I think I want to move on to scarves and shawls. I have purchased many balls of lovely coloured wool. I think I am ready to try a new stitch! Maybe even some designs..... squares 'n stuff......who knows! Hopefully something faster than a blanket in double stitch!

but it does keep me off the streets.

In other news, after seeing poor Mrs Nefley pom pom head run straight into the nashi tree trunk while attempting to escape from being chased by a duck, it became apparent that she couldn't see. Pom pom too big- as you can see from the picture below.

So I gave her a Mohawk. She can SEE! And I think she is very happy now. The funny and adorable thing about silkies is that under those silly pom poms they have the most beautiful, large glossy dark brown eyes. You would just never know it.........

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