Thursday, April 24, 2008

farm hunting

This morning Pa Kettle and I went farm hunting. (....again)

We got there so early, and we were up so high in the mountains that it was still foggy.

Is this the Duck Herder's new farm?

In other news - BEHOLD - the 2007/2008 Kiwi Fruit Harvest!

Hunble, but delicious. Next year folks, next year........

And to end things on an even happier note - those lovely ducks!


<> WeekendFarmer <> said...

go for it ....looks like a great farm : ) what will you name it?

gary said...


It looks like nice countryside. Is there a house or shed, or vacant?

Regards, Gary

Eilleen said...

That looks like a great farm! (dare I hope its somewhere near me??) All the best DH!

The Duck Herder said...

HI folks! The farm was very cute - but a bit small and funnily enough - too WET! (can you believe it?) for growing pine nuts. And at over 1000 meters above sea level, probably a little cold for an old arthritic duck herder to retire to in a few decades. NOt to worry - half the joy in is the SEARCH for a farm!

BUt if you like cold and wet and fog, have a little look up Badja way!