Sunday, December 23, 2007

chook money

The other morning I thought to myself that perhaps 20 fluffy chickens, 2 normal chooks and three ducks might just be a bit much for a suburban back yard. You see, Miss Nefley had just hatched out another 10 fluffy chicks - her second lot this season, and the third batch of silkies to hatch at the princess castle this spring.

I think we had a case of "fluffy backlog" as only four of the previous 11 young fluffies had gone to their new homes. Luckily, they were all lined up, and yesterday 3 were transported to Wagga with my mum and dad for a rendezvous with their new owners in the hospital car park, and another three were picked up by some very excited kiddies and their dad last night.

That just left one. And we have done what no silkie breeder should do, and kept the runt of the litter so to speak - because it is tiny and cute and bold and friendly and independent and races up to us when we go outside and sits on our laps when it is eating. Mr Duck Herder suspects that it might be deaf too. And so we will wait. and see if it is a she. She will be no good for breeding - completely wrong in all fluffy respects. But she has CHARACTER! And if she is a he, then hopefully Joe will give him a job as a chook run sales executive - because I could not dispatch of this tiny fluffy mop that races up to me every morning even if I tried.

So this morning, we woke up to the far more respectable number of 3 big, one small and 10 tiny fluffy chooks.

At $15 a pop unsexed, these little fluffy bundles more than pay the chook feed bill. I made $90 yesterday - thats $165 for the season so far - and I expect another $150 or so from this last batch.

$315 - thats CHICKEN FEED!!! (and duck feed)

And I love how happy silkies make their new owners. Fluffy Chooks = love.

silly, stupid, fluffy love in all directions.

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