Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Poem


I see a twinkle in your eye.
So this shall be my Christmas star
And I will travel to your heart:
The manger where the real things are.

And I will find a mother there
Who holds you gently to her breast;
A father to protect your peace;
And by these things you shall be blessed.

And you will always be reborn;
And I will always see the star
And make the journey to your heart:
The manger where the real things are.

Leunig (of course)


Rhonda Jean said...

I love that poem, he's such a great writer. Is he still drawing those little duck cartoons?

Rhonda Jean said...
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Lis said...

very sweet :) Marry Christmas to you and yours!

The Duck Herder said...

Hello lovely Rhonda Jean
Now why am I not surprised that you love Leunig too!

This is from his book "short notes from a long history of happiness".

And yes, those direction finding ducks still feature prominantly in his work.


and welcome Lis! happy chirstmas to you too - I hope you get through your list. :o)